Energy, passion and ideas to spare?
But not enough time, focus or marketing know-how?

Laughlin Group is the answer.
We put your thoughts into action.

What makes you so great?
And different from your competitors?

You probably have a million and one answers to the first question, but the second one is a little trickier.

Your target audience doesn’t want to hear a million reasons why you’re so great. They want the one reason why you’re great for them. The one reason why they should choose you, instead of your competition.

We help you figure out the answer. Then we help you communicate it.

Whether you’re launching a product, looking to rebrand, better understand your market, or get feedback.

Laughlin Group has the expertise and experience to deliver results. We’ve been guiding entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses and non-profits for more than 25 years.


I’ve worked with Scott Laughlin in different capacities over the course of 20 years. Scott’s project assessment style is always holistic. Even if it’s one or two facets, he ensures that those deliverables perform and fit into the bigger picture. Laughlin Group blends market strategy and tactical execution, providing our team with valuable, objective perspectives. At HBS, Laughlin Group led the transition from collateral to digital-on-demand for us by assessing prospective providers, refining processes and validating information architecture. The transition and reallocation had a zero failure rate after launch. Working with Laughlin Group gave us the extra horsepower we needed, and they can do the same for your organization.

Charlie Breckling
Chief Digital Marketing Officer
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
and Health Sciences

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